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CFF Maestricht is a highly personal script font, custom made from the handwriting of Maastricht-based film producer Jean-Paul Toonen. His handwriting is very dynamic, artistic and a tasteful blend between roman and italic style. Perfect for elegant and beautiful artwork.
CFF Maestricht is our joint gift to the beautiful city Maastricht.

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“CFF Maestricht Type Specimen and Microsite” ‘Maestricht’ is a handwritten typeface Meisterstück 149 fountain pen Chateau Neercanne Maastrichts typeface by Jean-Paul Toonen hamburgefontivs 1234567890@&

‘CFF Maestricht’ is a handwritten typeface originally written with a fountain pen. Local film producer Jean-Paul Toonen introduced the font in 1992. At that moment Maastricht was writing history, and the European treaty and its subscribers inspired Jean-Paul to design this handwritten font. René Verkaart is the Maastricht-based type designer who transferred the handwritten characters into a digital upgraded - smart - living font. The lettering is originally written with the most standard European fountain pen, The Meisterstück 149 by Montblanc in Vienna. That’s a deep black precious resin pen with gold-coated details, surmounted by the white star emblem and finished with a handcrafted gold nib. The Meisterstück evolved into Montblanc’s design icon. So, now there is also a font, handwritten in the Montblanc Midnight Blue Ink. And also digitally available in any other color.

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CFF Maestricht is a handwritten script font by René Verkaart


CFF Maestricht is available in one weight.


Jean-Paul Toonen

Opentype Features

Handwritten fonts need special OpenType features to bring out the individual, quirky irregularities that make it come alive. CFF Maestricht has plenty of them. CFF Maestricht counts 437 glyphs, 24 swashes, initials, finals and a powerful stylistic set.

Oldstyle Figures
Standard Ligatures
Stylistic Sets

Language Support

CFF Maestricht supports 5 Latin languages. See if it speaks yours.
Let us know when you need more languages supported.

Dutch, English, German, Italian, Swiss German.