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Case study CFF Starline

CFF Starline was created from the Siventi Products BV logo, maded by Dutch design studio Stoere Binken Design who created their playful brand identity. The client, Edwin Spierts, started Siventi Products BV that intended to make trendy lifestyle products, a bit like Alessi.

The first product they produced was a handmade cutlery set, which is in use at Camille Oostwegel’s Kruisherenhotel. So for us it was more than logical to craft a playful custom brand font that would accommodate the wide spectrum of lifestyle applications.

Playful brand identity

We envisioned a very colorful corporate identity that would change appearance like a chameleon to fit its purpose. Fresh and friendly on poppy plastic products, serious and distinguished on office desk materials. We believe that a good brand doesn’t have to be limited to one specific appearance or color scheme. It should inspire, motivate and convince the consumer to buy the product.

OpenType icon set

The CFF Starline font family comes in two styles;

  • CFF Starline Logo – The text font with a limited character set
  • CFF Starline Icono – Playful set of icons

With these icons patterns, structures and decorations could be created that can function as gift papers, wallpapers, wish cards, signage systems, etc. All the patterns are extracted directly from the logo. Programmed in OpenType, these pattern automatically snap into place when you type the designated letter combination.

Buy CFF Starline

CFF Starline is still under construction, but you can purchase a good working beta version directly from us.

Your own custom typeface

In a world that is exploding with brands and loud advertising noises, companies make every effort to stand out and be unique. A custom typeface is a very powerful visual tool to effectively position a brand. They are tailored to a companies needs, and can even save money long-term. It’s no longer exclusively available to large companies, but can be done at a smaller scale for medium sized companies as well.
Characters Font Foundry offers creative and highly distinguishable custom typefaces that gives your brand a competitive edge.

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