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Do you offer PDF type specimens?

Instead of PDF type specimens that you need to download and save on your computer, we offer our type specimen online. We believe this is more practical for you. This way you always have access to them, whenever you want to and wherever you are. And we update them all the time.

We feel strongly about saving nature. Please only print our type specimens if there’s no other way! Thank you.

All our Typeface Minisites contain the TypeTester playground, Weights overview, OpenType features list and Language Support information. For most type users this is enough. But some fonts have even more magic under the hood that you might not find on the Minisites; specific information on OpenType settings in software apps, tips & tricks, available discretionary ligatures, stylistic sets, full character sets, etc. Anything you can think of that needs explaining. Anything that helps you get the best out of our fonts.

Online type specimens

Here’s the full list of the available online type specimens:


Coming soon:

  • CFF Ballet Mechanique
  • CFF Cucaracha
  • CFF Encrypted Wallpaper
  • CFF Fatboy
  • CFF Insignety
  • CFF Jekyll Pro
  • CFF Kris
  • CFF Maastricht Sport
  • CFF Motorman
  • CFF Nantua
  • CFF Nantua Flava
  • CFF Nordic A
  • CFF Nordic Narrow
  • CFF Plan
  • CFF Plantyn Schrift
  • CFF Reethi Rah
  • CFF Savant
  • CFF Shell Shock
  • CFF SidB
  • CFF Starline
  • CFF Vagebond

PDF type specimens

Would you like to receive a PDF type specimen for print? Feel free to contact us and we’ll email you a print-ready document.

Notifications on updates

Do you want to be informed about updates of our type specimens, than please send us an email. We will keep you in the loop.

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