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Installing desktop fonts on Windows

Windows 10

  • Unzip the folder containing the fonts first. Fonts cannot be installed if they are zipped.
  • Right click on the font file and select ‘Install’.


  • Search for Fonts in the search box by the start menu.
  • Click on the Fonts (Control Panel) link to open the Fonts Manager.
  • Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste the unzipped fonts into the Fonts Manager to install.

Windows 7 and 8

The easiest way to install a font is to double-click on a font file to open the font preview and select ‘Install’. You can also right-click on a font file, and then select ‘Install’.

  • On Windows 7, Select ‘Control Panel’ from the ‘Start’ menu, then select ‘Appearance and Personalization’ and then select ‘Fonts’.
  • On Windows 8, you can get to the Font Control Panel simply by searching for ‘Fonts’.

Or you can drag a font file and drop it into the Fonts Control Panel.

Windows Vista

  • Click on Start > Control Panel > Fonts.
  • Click on File > Install new fonts.
  • Locate the fonts you want to install and click OK.
  • Or just right-click the .otf or .pfm file and select ‘Install’.

Windows XP and 2000

  • Open the Control Panel and select ‘Fonts’.
  • Click on File > Install new fonts.
  • Locate the fonts you want to install and click OK.

Windows ME, 98, 95 and NT

On Windows the PostScript Type1 fonts consist out of four files:

  • .pfb
  • .pfm
  • .afm
  • .inf

To install PostScript Type1 and OpenType fonts under Windows 95, 98 or ME, you must have Adobe Type Manager (ATM) version 4.6 or above installed. Download a free version of ATM at Adobe.

After installing Adobe Type Manager, follow this instruction:

  • go to Start > Programs > Adobe > Adobe Type Manager.
  • Use the ‘Select fonts’ option to add the fonts. Only add fonts ending with ‘Type1’.
  • To finish the installation click OK.

To install other font formats than PostScript Type1, follow the instructions from ‘Windows XP and 2000’.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4 with Adobe ATM Light 4.3.

Installation tip

It’s recommend that you install only one format (OpenType, TrueType, or PostScript) of a font. Installing two or more formats of the same font may cause problems when you try to use, view, or print the font.
Zipped folders must be unzipped.

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