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CFF Reethi Rah is an elegant contemporary serif typeface. It was created during a honeymoon journey to the Maldives in 2005. CFF Reethi Rah is a contemporary type family for editorial design like magazines, books and newspapers. It shines at large sizes, but functions gracefully at a much smaller scale when used in text layout. CFF Reethi Rah is still under construction and not available for purchase yet. Contact us if you want to be informed about the official release.

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Reethi Rah is a contemporary type family for editorial design like Magazines, Books & Newspapers. It shines at large sizes but functions gracefully at a much smaller scale when used in text layout. The balanced shapes make it comfortable but interesting to read, bringing its personality to the table. Surrounded by the wonders of the Indian Ocean, One&Only Reethi Rah makes its home on one of the largest islands in North Malé Atoll. A jewel among a string of coral atolls, lagoons and white sands, it is about 700 km (430 mi) southwest of Sri Lanka. Formerly known as 'King's Island,' the Maldives is a surreal land of blue lagoons and soft white sands awash in an ocean of teal and indigo. Its beguiling name means ‘garland of islands’ in Dhivehi, the local language. Although no one knows who first named this glittering archipelago that stretches north-to-south across the equator, explorers, traders and travellers have been coming here for centuries – each generation as enchanted as the last. Very little has changed since ancient mariners first sailed these seas. Just one-sixth of the country’s 1,190 islands are inhabited – mostly peaceful fishing villages nestled among the palms. The Maldives today remains a necklace of soft sand atolls laid out on the shimmering azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Maldivian culture is a distinctive blend of the different influences that have shaped the isles over the years – from African drumming to Oriental jewellery-work. An iconic part of Maldives heritage is the “Bodu Beru”, which literally translates from the local tongue Dhivehi as 'Big Drums'. Carved from coconut wood, with a goat skin drum head, their beating sound echoes throughout local ceremonies, a sign of celebration and a reminder of the Maldives' strong East African roots.
AWARD-WINNING RESORT IN THE MALDIVES – ‘Best Overseas Hotel Spa’ - Condé Nast Traveller Annual Readers’ Travel Awards 2016 * ‘Best Hotel in Africa and Indian Ocean’ - Ultra’s Awards 2016 * Recognised amongst the ‘Best Hotels in Maldives’ - Condé Nast Traveller China Readers’ Choice Awards.

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CFF Reethi Rah is an elegant contemporary serif typeface by Rene Verkaart


CFF Reethi Rah is currently available in only one style, carrying 357 glyphs. It will ultimately get 4 styles plus matching real italics.

Reethi Rah Regular

Reethi Rah

OpenType Features

CFF Reethi Rah has some smart OpenType features to accommodate the coolest designer.

Case-Sensitive Forms
Discretionary Ligatures
Oldstyle Figures
Tabular Figures

Language Support

See if Reethi Rah is speaking your language. Latin only. Let us know when you need more languages supported.