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CFF Cucaracha is a kick ass floral typeface for the Magma Brand Design book 'Bastard - Choose My Identity'. The idea behind Bastard was to bring together photographers, writers, illustrators, graphic designers, musicians, and typographers to create a unique book. CFF Cucaracha might have a floral character but it is a real bastard. It's provocative, loud and egocentric.

CFF Cucaracha Type Specimen and Microsite BASTARD Choose my Identity Profoundly personal truckfump Urban contemporary ART @ CULTURE Flower Shower Lars Harmsen kick ass floral typeface hamburgefontivs 12.345.678,90 numbers

Excerpt from the book: We must characterize who we are, be able to form both national and personal identities for ourselves. In this journey we may come to see that globalization is not a completely negative force. Instead, the trend and phenomenon of globalization offers us proof that we are living in an era as exciting as one could imagine. We take a special interest in typography, and have discovered that there are less new fonts designed nowadays, but they still play a big role: sampling, crossing and mixing. They are a form of expression. New fonts have been created by several designers: Peter Brugger, Stefan Claudius, Escobas, René Verkaart, Sirkka Hammer, Martina Hartmann, Sandra Hofacker, Paul Hoppe, David Hubner, Boris Kahl, Matthias Kantereit, Ingo Krepinsky, Heinrich Lischka, Michel M., Thomas Mettendorf, Christoph Rankers, Dan Reynolds, Henry Roussier, Christoph Seiler.

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CFF Cucaracha is a kick ass floral typeface by René Verkaart


CFF Cucaracha comes in 2 styles. We donated two crazy fonts and added 8 bonus icons to make funky patterns.

Cucaracha Font


Cucaracha Wixa


OpenType Features

This typeface has no specified Opentype features.

Language Support

CFF Cucaracha supports 47 Latin languages. See if it speaks yours.
Let us know when you need more languages supported.

Afrikaans, Albanian, Basque, Bemba, Chiga, Cornish, Dutch, English, Faroese, Filipino (Modern Latin), Galician, Gusii, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Kalenjin, Kinyarwanda, Malagasy, Manx, Ndebele, Nyankole, Oromo, Sango, Shona, Soga, Somali, Swahili.