Custom type options

We know that not every font problem can and shóuld be solved with an off-the-shelf solution. Typography is a strong visual expression of your brand and like colors, images, and visual elements, a typeface transports your core brand message. Therefor getting the right font for the job is critical.

Custom typefaces are taking the lead in corporate brands now more than ever. It is no longer exclusively available to large enterprises, but can be done at a smaller scale for medium sized companies too. Characters Font Foundry creates custom- and bespoke fonts that boost your brand to a higher level so you can outrun your competition.
We create every font from the ground up, so we can guarantee an original design and a personal solution. We're strong believers that only authentic personality creates credibility and trust.

Custom type

We often work with creative professionals that need font solutions for their clients. They might need leverage for a corporate identity that they are working on, find a cost effective solution for their clients' licencing issues or any other branding challenge. We work closely with all the parties involved (design- and advertising agencies, software developers, language advisors, etc.) for the product scope and in order to provide an appropriate solution.

Custom type advantages

For a company having their own custom typeface has many advantages:

  • Brand coherence: Custom typefaces will be consistent with the rest of a company’s brand design.
  • Styles & weights: If a corporate typeface was developed from a logo, it is sometimes necessary to create a complete font family (Custom Bold, Custom Italic, etc).
  • Cross-platform support: All fonts are delivered in the (PostScript) OpenType font format, enabling them to work under different operating systems.
  • Cost-effective: For a company with many workstations, the cost of developing a custom typeface is less expensive than licensing a retail font.

Contact us if you're interested in your own custom font solution.


Modify retail typeface


Any of our retail typefaces can be modified to fit your specific wishes and needs. The advantage of this solution over a custom typeface is that it is cost effective. The modified typeface can be exclusively licenced or paid on a project base, which ever solutions best fits your needs.

Modified typeface advantages

For a company having a retail typeface modified has many advantages:

  • Have a unique touch with a recognizable look-and-feel
  • Keeping costs low

Contact us if you would like us to modify one of our fonts exclusively for you.

Logo to type

Custom type options - Making a typeface out of the Siventi logo

Do you have a handlettered logo and want a font based on that? That's a challenge we really love. Having a working typeface made from your hand own logo is a powerful way to distinguish your brand.
In the design process we extract the key visual elements and the overall personality and start crafting a complete font from there. Ofcourse we add some magic so you get more than you bargained for.

Logo to type advantages

For a company having a font made out of a logo has many advantages:

  • Building brand consistency
  • Text matches the company logo
  • No expensive font license needed

Contact us if you want us to make a font from your hand-made logo.


Digitization of your font design

Custom type options - Digitization Plan B for Plan A Design

Most graphic designers want to create typefaces, but time and technical know-how gets in their way. You might have done sketches on a font for professional- or personal use. This is where we come in. We can digitize your sketches and craft a complete typeface from it, program the OpenType features and encodings and generate the right font format for the job. You will have a working typeface withing days.

Font design digitization advantages

For a designer or a company having their own font design digitized has many advantages:

  • Visualize your own ideas
  • Build your own typeface collection
  • Sell your own typeface yourself or through the CFF network
  • Brag about it to your friends and collegues

Contact us if you want us to digitize your typeface.

Our custom typefaces are used for a large range of creative applications like corporate identities, packaging, screen, websites and more. Take a look at the custom type portfolio for case descriptions.

Perhaps we can soon add you to our wall of fame.

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