Clear font caches

Operating systems and applications use cache memory to store information about the fonts installed on your computer. Sometimes these files get a little hick-up. Then it's best to remove them, preferably with external software.

If you run into problems with fonts, the first thing you wanna do is to clear all font caches. These will automatically be rebuilt when needed.

Clearing font caches in Mac OS X

What works best is to use external software to remove the font caches for you. I recommend FontNuke that is available for free here.

Clearing font caches in Windows

To remove the font cache, delete the following file:

Adobe applications use their own cache .lst-files to store font information. To manually clear this application font cache, you have to search these files and delete them. Teaching a blindfolded monkey to build a rocket is easier than searching files on a PC. Here's a helping hand:

  • Go to Start > Search > Files and Folders
  • Choose 'Files and Folders' and type 'Adobefnt*.lst' into the Name-text field
  • Make sure to activate the checkboxes 'Search in system folders, Search for hidden files and folders' and 'Search in subfolders'. Then click on 'Search'
  • Delete all .lst files listed

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