Become a beta-tester

Typography is hard work and it takes up most of our quality time. So we hope you understand that we are not handing out beta fonts randomly. But you can become a BetaTester and help us optimize our fonts for the official release.

We're always happy to find people who love typography and enjoy to collaborate with us. We're offering a special chance to testdrive our fonts and help get them ready for release. We're open to your feedback, wishes and ideas.

There are some minor requirements for becoming a BetaTester though:
  • Facebook account: All feedback is collected on a Facebook Group page (by invite only), so you need to have an account to enter your comments.
  • The right project: To be sure that my fonts are pushed to the envelope, you need to apply them to some serious projects.
  • Typographic experience: You must be an experienced designer with good typographic skills.
  • English language: All discussions will be held in English, so your reading and writing skills need to be sufficient.
  • A positive attitude: The testing period can be a long road with emotional ups and downs, so having a positive attitude helps you through the day.
  • Credit: A credit would be more than welcome. You can credit as followed: 'Font by'. Webfont projects may link directly to the fontpage online.
  • Hardcopy: If you use a beta font in a (print) project, we would like to receive a hardcopy for evaluation.

What does it cost

Ofcourse admission is free. We're more than happy that you are taking the time to help me optimize my fonts for the official release.

What is in it for you

What we will give you in return is the full font family that will be officially released. You've taken all the hassle to provide us with good feedback, so you deserve the reward.


What can you expect from a beta font

Beta fonts are far from ready. Mostly they don't have any hinting, spacing, kerning, accents or OpenType features. They might not work well on your computer, or look unsexy. Don't dislike us for it, this is the risk of using a beta font. Gradually they will become better and you will receive updates along the way.

If you feel you're up to it, you are more than welcome to apply for becoming a BetaTester.


Currently BetaTesting

Reethi Rah

Become a BetaTester

BetaTesting is a serious job. It takes a trained eye to see what is right or wrong and solid typographic skills are a must.
A carefully selected group of people help us optimize our fonts for the official release.

If you want to get involved, you are more than welcome to apply for becoming a BetaTester.

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