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Type specimen CFF Accelerator

CFF Accelerator is a lightning-fast custom display typeface. The masculine wide shoulders and sharp diagonal lines are instantly recognizable. It was made available for sale in 2005, making it our very first commercial font. CFF Accelerator is currently our bestseller! This Type Specimen CFF Accelerator contains detailed information about all the features in the fonts, and instructions on how to use them.

Type Specimen CFF Accelerator

This Type Specimen CFF Accelerator is an addition to the basic information on the CFF Accelerator minisite. It contains detailed information about all the possibilities hidden in the fonts, and instructions on how to use them.

Standard Ligatures (liga)

CFF Accelerator has standard ligatures, but only for those combinations that need one. More crazy ligatures can be found in the Discretionary Ligatures set below.

Type Specimen CFF Accelerator

Discretionary Ligatures (dlig)

The available Discretionary Ligatures are inspired by sports car lettering. In there are alternative ligatures for the following letter combinations:

  • at
  • gt
  • gti
  • td
  • tdi
  • tp
  • tr
  • xt
  • xti
  • xtr

Type Specimen CFF Accelerator

Stylistic Set (ss01)

CFF Accelerator has one Stylistic Set. In there are alternative glyphs for:

  • Ü / ü (Udieresis /udieresis)
  • Ÿ / ÿ (Ydieresis / ydieresis)
  • ß (germandbls)
  • @ (at)

Type Specimen CFF Accelerator

Full Character Set

The subset of CFF Accelerator Warp includes all the glyphs listed below. Unicode entities are included above each glyph to help you insert individual characters into your layout.

CFF Accelerator Character Set

PDF type specimen

Would you like to receive a PDF type specimen for print? Feel free to contact us and we’ll email you a print-ready document.

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Last update: August 13, 2017